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Marine Services in Cyprus.

Visual Inspection

Andeco cargo visual inspections are requested by buyers or sellers to ensure that their cargo is loaded in sound condition and stowed properly. Such inspections also provide assurance that the cargo being shipped is the cargo that you have bought or sold.

Cargo visual inspection gives you the security of knowing that your cargo has been verified by the world leader in shipping inspections.

Our standardized inspections include the following steps:

Inspection of the carrier to verify suitability for the intended cargo (cleanliness, dryness, ventilation, cargo separation)
A report on markings, type of packing (bulk, cartons/drums, etc.) and, if practical, a count of goods
Confirmation that a clean mate receipt was granted
Verification that units chosen at random match those stated on the order’s product description, product specification and features
Verification of product characteristics or quality parameters that cannot be visually verified (e.g., steel grade can be confirmed when the vendor supplies documentary evidence)
A check on packing, marking and labeling, manufacture dates, batch numbers, expiry dates, shipping marks, packing lists, supplier certificates and labels
Documentation of how and when goods were loaded and exact location (stowage) in the receiving carrier; type, name and/or number of receiving carrier and where goods were located prior to loading
Maintenance of a time log, including arrival and departure dates of carrier, time and date of loading, loading delays and reason for delays, description of loading gear/apparatus, weather conditions, rainfall, dust suppression, wind-waste, remainder on wharf, etc.

Andeco inspectors record, photograph and report any abnormalities such as discrepancies in the cargo description, damage, loss of material, improper stowing or delays in loading. You can trust us to be your representative in any port. Our objective verification and inspection team provide accurate, transparent documentation and always represent your interests during the handling of your bulk cargo.